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  • The wow factor
    In every talk, James informs, motivates, and entertains, helping you motivate to your next level of performance and achievement.
    James is a rare commodity - a serious speaker who engages the audience at their level, delivering ideas and insights with a wit and humor that is irresistible. With new perspective you can begin to transform your career and your life.
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    James is one of the most inspirational gentlemen I have had the pleasure of hearing speak... he is the true embodiment of 'the glass is half full'.

    Jennifer Gaster, Director at HR Heads
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  • Insight rich writing
    Fluent, powerful with a massive conviction to: motivation and management and spirituality, literature and poetry.
    Read a piece by James Sale and you are instantly immersed in the subtle workings of his mind. He details the real logic of an argument and debunks conventional wisdom. His books, blogs and articles offer a unique, provocative and accessible alternative to bland follow-the-crowd philosophies.
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    The opening lines fool you into a sense of simplicity, like a Matthew Arnold or a Robert Frost, then it hits you that this is something deeply symbolic and meaningful, rich with metaphor...

    Amazon customer
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  • Outstanding diagnostics
    Motivational MapsTM technology gives you a clear picture of your clients or students' motivation and a tailored performance plan.
    Through years of careful observation, analysis and innovation, James developed the Motivational MapsTM approach. This suite of diagnostic tools describes and measure motivation in a way that is uncannily accurate and at the same time instantly meaningful for both consultant/teacher and client/student.
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    This system is fantastic and highly accurate. Understanding your motivators is so very important but we often find it hard to express what they are (even to ourselves).

    Mark Williams, Mr LinkedIn
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  • Business opportunity
    License Motivational Maps technologies and grow your business. If you are a quality consultant or coach, let's talk.
    As a licensee of Motivational Maps, you gain more than just an additional set of products to offer. Working with James, you get a unique selling proposition for your business centres around cutting edge ideas on performance and motivation, all backed by real, personal support.
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    I have now been using motivational maps in my business for two years with outstanding results...I can attribute 70% of my business to motivational maps.

    Conrad Hoe, MD of Optimial Action Ltd
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  • Team performance
    Bring out the best in your people. Harness James' 25 years experience, knowledge and research into developing teams.
    See the results of Motivational Maps and Rewards Strategies tools. Used by James' exceptional network of motivational and performance experts, every one of them has been professionally trained to pinpoint problems in a team or person and recommend the right solution towards superior performance and productivity.
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    The team are more motivated, more aware and performing as a excellent team. If you are looking for a new energy to spark the best out of your people James is the perfect catalyst.

    Ross Thornley, RT Media
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